Chickens for Linux!
+ Gameplay + Changelog + Download + Screenshots + Guestbook 0.2.4/5


Discover what's new in the current release.


  • Windows version released


  • Fixed two shotgun bugs
  • Fixed chicken-popping-onto-screen-instead-of-slowly-emerging bug
  • Added new gameplay mode: Levels!
  • Added a unique menu screen with music
  • Added cool fade effect
  • Added CHANCE_OF_GEM and RESPAWN_RATE to config file
  • Added -warp commandline parameter for warping to any level
  • Added -O3 compiler optimization to Makefile
  • Improved and altered commandline parameter syntax: now with error checking
  • Improved blood and chunk effect (the queer grid effect is gone)
  • Changed default gore and smoke effect settings (to more of both)
  • Changed chance of chicken flight to 1 in 2000
  • Changed chance of gem to 1 in 50


  • Fixed rocket bug (finally!)
  • Fixed tenderizer bug: your score and kills counter will increase now
  • Added smoke support to config file
  • Added points support to config file
  • Changed smoke puffs to be dynamically allocated
  • Changed explosions to generate smoke more slowly
  • Changed chance of chicken flight back to 1 in 1400


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added configuration file!
  • Added ability to change gore level (tons of fun!!! I prefer 70 chunks per chicken :) Chunks are dynamically created now, not preallocated)
  • Added -s and -stock commandline parameters
  • Improved chicken gore build-up: piles are much smoother now
  • Improved blood a little
  • Changed chicken flying speed so they go higher up
  • Changed chance of chicken flight to 1 in 11000


  • Fixed chunk problem when killing flying chickens with rockets
  • Fixed gameover slowdown bug
  • Added "play again?" feature, very handy!
  • Changed shotgunned chicken gore so it has chicken momentum
  • Changed gem falling speed to GRAVITY/2 (they're slower now)
  • Changed tenderizer effect to lob chicken chunks high in the sky


  • Fixed the segfault bug (thanks to Jarno van der Kolk!
  • Fixed the where-did-all-the-chickens-go bug
  • Added emergency chicken tenderizer
  • Added green gem
  • Added red gem
  • Added highscore music loop!
  • Changed bonuses on gems
  • Changed alert sound to loop continuously (when necessary)
  • Changed volume of gem collect sound
  • Changed text on main startup screen


  • Fixed some (important!) bugs
  • Changed chance of spawning new chicken


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added high-score table!
  • Added chicken gore build-up! Chickens run over piles of their own dead comrades now.
  • Added flight to chickens. They will randomly take flight for a random amount of time.
  • Added shotgun weapon
  • Added new background image
  • Changed chicken speed from 5 to 4
  • Changed randomness of chickens coming on-screen
  • Changed old background image
  • Changed pull of gravity to 0.7
  • Removed font antialiasing: It's just not worth it


  • Added built-in antialiased font support! No longer requires AllegTTF!
  • Changed core code: smoother mouse control and game speed is more reliable now
  • Changed fonts: I still need to convert the old TTF font to PCX
  • Changed chicken speed: They're a lot faster now
  • Changed chicken spawn rate to 1/5 from 1/3
  • Changed gravitational affect on gems
  • Changed startup screen text (just a little)
  • Cleaned up code some more. main.cpp still a mess.


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added cool startup screen
  • Added bloody bone giblet
  • Changed gem reward to +5 seconds
  • Changed timer to 120 seconds
  • Changed appearance of timer to Minutes:Seconds
  • Changed 'Kills' font color


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added cool smoke effect
  • Added better rocket explosion
  • Added ability to run in windowed mode (-window)
  • Added ability to mute sound (-mute)
  • Changed chance of gem appearing to 10%
  • Cleaned up the source code