Chickens for Linux!
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Just what sort of game is Chickens?
Enthralling Storyline: In the final days of Armageddon, the chickens are preparing to detonate our planet. They are trying to run across your screen, and if even a single chicken succeeds, it's all over. You must stop them! The entire world is counting on you!

Objective: Don't let the chickens cross your screen and don't let the counter reach 0. It starts at 2 minutes and counts down each second. It also goes down each time you fire a rocket or shoot the shotgun, so try to kill as many chickens as you can each time. Every so often, a colored gem launches out of an exploding chicken... move the mouse over it to collect bonuses. Blue Gems give you +10 seconds, Green Gems increase your rockets explosion radius by 5, and Red Gems give you +5000 points. All gems automatically give you +2 timer seconds as well. Chickens killed with rockets earn you 100 points, while those torn apart by the shotgun give you 250.

The original Chickens game (Chickens 2, actually) was written for DOS / Windows platforms. I originally planned to clone the game for linux, but I ended up doing more than that. Chickens for Linux has somewhat better graphics, sound, and other features not found in the original. My game is more than a clone. It's a tribute to the grand original.

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Code, Artwork & Music: me
Sound Effects: The Internet
Tenderizer Voice: Microsoft Sam, the inferior and lame attempt at text2speech

My name is blake williams. I live on a horse farm out in the sticks of new hampshire.
You can contact me at the following address: missing at